Plants that attract bees & butterflies.

Over the last few years the decline in the population of bees has grabbed our attention.    As we all know, bees have a very important job title, and that is Pollinators. They directly contribute to the production of global food at a value estimated between $235 and $577 billion (U.S.). Unfortunately, the population of pollinators is on the decline.  But we can help! How you ask?  By planting bee friendly plants, we can provide healthy habitats and food sources for them plus we gain beautiful landscapes. 


So, bee mindful when you select your perennials this year.

Maybe you will find some bee friendly plants to add to your landscape to help our little friends!

Best Plants for Bees

(provided by American Beauties Native Plants®)


Best Plants for Butterflies

(provided by American Beauties Native Plants®)