The New American Lawn program from Jonathan Green is a comprehensive line of products to help you establish and maintain a professional lush lawn.  From genetically superior Black Beauty grass seed to a complete lawn fertilization program, Jonathan Green has your lawn covered.

Jonathan Green, six generations in producing superior lawn products.


Grass Seed

Why Choose Black Beauty Grass

Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty is known as the most genetically superior grass seed on the market today! Black Beauty grass seed has a dark-green color, grows roots up to 4′ deep, possesses a waxy coating on the leaf to preserve moisture when hot, and is grown by leading sod growers.  Its superior varieties will improve even the poorest of lawns. 



Why Use Black Beauty?

- Deeply rooted  

- Disease resistant

- Drought tolerant

- Dark green color  

- Uniform leaf texture

- Endophyte bred

- Insect resistant


Sun & Shade 

Dense Shade

Available in 3, 7 & 25 pound bags (in season)


Lawn Fertilizers


Green-Up Lawn Food

with Crabgrass Preventer


  • Controls crabgrass BEFORE and AFTER it germinates

  • Grassy and broadleaf weeds controlled for up to 4 months

  • Controls and suppresses Annual Bluegrass and some broadleafweeds when applied prior to their germination.


Green-Up Weed & Feed

Lawn Food


  •  3-Way action kills weeds down to the root

  • Kills spring and fall weeds

  • Controls 250 broadleaf Weeds

  • Feeds lawns for up to 3 months


Green-Up Lawn Food


  • Feeds lawns for up to 3 months

  • Helps lawns resist drought & disease

  • Fortified with humates for better rooting

  • Contains iron for maximum greening


Winter Survival

Fall Lawn Food


  • Helps Repair Lawn from Summer Damage

  • Ideal for Fall Seeding

  • Helps Protect Lawn from Winter Stress

  • Promotes Deep Rooting in Fall and a Quicker Green-Up in Spring

Bag sizes available:

5,000 Sq Ft. coverage

15,000 Sq Ft. coverage


Secret Lawn Tips


Love Your Soil®

All natural and organic, Love Your Soil stimulates soil microbes and creates a biologically healthy soil. This soil food helps to loosen heavy, hard packed soils, and releases trapped nutrients. You can grow better turf by creating better soil!



Lawns in Acidic Soil

MAG-I-CAL® for Acidic Soil is a highly soluble form of calcium that helps to rapidly raise your soil’s pH, improving the health of your lawn by releasing trapped nutrients in the soil that feed the grass plants. One bag of MAG-I-CAL® equals up to fifteen bags of limestone, saving you time, money, and your back!